The Meadowlands team is very focused and prepared to offer you a quality golf experience in 2023 and we are pleased to forward the following membership information to you!


Membership (December 31, 2022) 2023 Season
Corporate Advertising (custom packages available) $8,161.00
Corporate Open (any 4 players, one tee-time per day)$5,360.00
Corporate Open Plus (multiple tee-times per day, contact Pro-Shop)$7180.00
Corporate Unlimited (price based on 4 named golfers)$4540.00
Corporate 100-Pack$4,860.00
Corporate 75-Pack$3,618.00
Corporate 50-Pack$2,430.00
Corporate 25-Pack$1,180.00

* some restrictions may apply
** Call 403.887.5100 for more information

   2023 Season
Yearly Power Cart Rental ($455 per seat)  $910.00*
Yearly Power Cart Trackage $385.00
Yearly Pull Cart$150.00

* subject to availability

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