The Meadowlands team is very focused and prepared to offer you a quality golf experience in 2023 and we are pleased to forward the following membership information to you!

Some of the current benefits of a membership at Meadowlands Golf Club include:

  • Access to Professionally Organized Club Events
  • 15% Off Regular Priced Merchandise and Custom Orders
  • Advanced Bookings Privileges (10 days)
  • Access to Leagues (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed & Juniors)
  • Access to a 6-Month Membership Payment Plan (Restrictions apply)
2023 Membership   Unlimited Restricted
Adult Couple$2,290.00$1,720.00
Senior (55-64)$1,175.00$945.00
Senior Couple$2,090.00$1,655.00
Super Senior (65+)$1,115.00$905.00
Super Senior Couple (65+)$1,995.00$1,580.00
Young Adult (19-25)$770.00$595.00
Junior* (18 or younger)$200.00$200.00
Golf Canada Membership$40 

* some restrictions may apply
** Call 403.887.5100 for more information

 2023 Power Cart Fees
Yearly Power Cart Rental ($455 per seat)$910.00*
Yearly Power Cart Trackage$385.00
Yearly Pull Cart$150.00

* subject to availability

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